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10,000 Unique Traders and their Animal Spirits that guide their trading mentalities, and your advanced access to the TRADERVERSE ecosystem.

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True utility creates massive value

This is only the beginning, TraderSpirits NFT Collection creates unpresidented value and access to the TRADERVERSE ecosystem.

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Private Screening

TRADERVERSE has built a substantial part of our platform and our TraderSpirit NFT holders will be the first to see it. Seeing it first hand will be a confidence builder for those interested in our TAKEOFF Token launch.

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Alpha Access

As an NFT holder, you will be the first to interact and use the TRADERVERSE platform, weeks and possibly months before the public. In our ALPHA launch, you will be using it at NO COST as a TraderSpirits NFT HODLer.

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Alpha Badge

The TRADERVERSE Social network and all of its integrated product verticals are gamified which includes a robust rewards system. There are many forms of rewards but one of them is our token! , points come in the form of token.

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Your TraderSpirits NFT will give you EXCLUSIVE access to the TRADERVERSE DAO which will help direct product releases and features. Our DAO members will help shape the future of the TRADERVERSE ecosystem.

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Beta Access

Full access to our fully functioning BETA release will immerse you into TRADERVERSE. You will have the ability to help guide product updates and UI improvements as a TraderSpirits NFT HODLer inside of TRADERVERSE.

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Name Reservation

“@Jack” was the FIRST Twitter handle and that of the founder. You will be in the front of the line to create your TRADERVERSE handle or handles before anyone else. That feature will help you stand out from millions of other users.

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Platform Discounts

TRADERVERSE TraderSpirits NFT HODLers will save hundreds and even thousands with the progressive discounts and opportunities that you will be extended to you as a member of the TRADERVERSE with our NFT.

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Meet the Team

Our TRADERVERSE TraderSpirits NFT family will have the opportunity to discuss first hand what TRADERVERSE is and will become through the vision of our team. You will gain insight as a HODLer that most will never obtain.

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We are excited for a big IRL event at our offices in Puerto Rico. We will be announcing significant updates and you will have a ticket to meet with us in person, our team as well as some of our celebrity ambassadors and advisors.


Our team of skilled developers, community managers, designers and executive team work tirelessly to build our products, imagine the future and support our community.

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Sarim A

Chief Executive

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John F

Chief Operations

team Image
Michael H

Chief Sales

team Image
Patrick K

Digital Artist

team Image
Chris M

Sketch Artist

team Image
Mohammad U

Blockchain Dev

team Image
Zaid M

Web Developer

team Image
Tarin P

Community Manager

team Image
Paul P

Marketing Manager

team Image
Aeman K

Social Marketer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TraderSpirit?

Animal spirits describe the psychological and emotional factors that drive investors to take action when faced with high levels of volatility in the capital, crypto and NFT markets. The term comes from the Latin spiritus animalis, which means "the breath that awakens the human mind." In some ways, Keynes' insights into human behavior predicted the rise of behavioral economics.


A Solution for Traders - TRADERVERSE is a collaborative social network for stock and cryptocurrency traders that utilizes proprietary artificial intelligence to provide users with the community and resources they need to succeed. Our goal is to empower traders’ success by delivering modern and user-friendly power tools that promote usability, transparency, education, authenticity, and community in the stock and cryptocurrency markets.

When is the official launch?

Public Launch will be September 21st, 2022 but our pre-sale will open September 1st 2022.

How do I get involved in the presale?

Follow us on Twitter - @TraderSpirits & @Traderverseio and you will be alerted for our presale and other opportunities to get a Spirit in advance of our launch.

What will the mint price be?

We will be minting our TraderSpirits for .15 ETH. Our presale price will be .1 ETH

How does the raffle work?

One of the core tenets of TRADERVERSE is transparency. As such, we will be open about all processes regarding community engagement. A 3rd party app will be used to randomize our raffle.

How do I get a reserved name?

Once you purchase your TraderSpirit NFT you will be sent a link instructions as to how to reserve your TRADERVERSE Social handle.

How do I get whitelisted?

Follow us on Twitter - @TraderSpirits & @Traderverseio and you will be alerted for all whitelist opportunities when available.

How can I use my NFT?

We have created a wide variety of utility for our NFT. Please check out the utility section above for greater detail.

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